Why Did We Start Home Worker Forum?

Many people dream about working from home for a variety of reason. Some just want to moonlight for extra income, others would like a flexible part-time job so they can make money while juggling family responsibilities, and still others want to earn a full time income from the comfort and convenience of a home office.

We Started this Website For People Who Already Work From Home or Would Like To!

  • People who would like to work from home, but have no idea how to get started. They may not know which job or small business opportunities they could qualify for, or they may not even know these opportunities exist at all. Some may have already tried some work at home opportunites that were advertised, but did not work out, and would like to find real opportunities that are satisfying and profitable. We know a range of people who have been very successful with a variety of enterprises, and these people have all different types of skill sets and education levels. For examples see our free¬† local eBay product source guide.
  • Service professionals who already have home based offices, and would like to connect with others to discuss their business, or just relax in a community to with others. Some common examples of self-employed professionals might range from insurance agents and accountants to freelance writers, internet marketers, and web designers.
  • Professionals who telecommute some, or all, of the time, for their employer. These people have a home office, but can take adavantage of telecommuting part-time or full-time. The company’s actual office may be local, or it may even be located in another city.
  • Business people who would like to¬†promote or hire business to business services, freelancers, or employees. Many small businesses do need tax, insurance, or accounting help. They hire freelancers for writing, computer programming, and many other tasks. Some even bring on employees as they expand.

If you already work out of your house, or if you dream about it, join us! Registration is fast and free. You can find a link to our work at home forum at the top of this page and get involved right away.