Make Money Blogging for Bloggers


How to Get Bloggers to Pay You to Blog With Free Exposure Our friends over at Writing Money highlighted one paid blogging opportunity that shouldn’t get overlooked by writers who are eager to develop their own clients and gain exposure for their own writing business. Trust us, maintaining an active blog can become more than […]

Is TextBroker Worth Your Time

Tips to Make More Money on TextBroker

Textbroker is probably the largest and most famous content site for U.S. writers. As large and well-managed company, you can assume that they make payouts of time. They also usually do have work, especially for writers who are level 4 and above. Levels at Textbroker work like this: Almost all writers start out at level […]

Is Odesk Worth It?

Make Odesk Pay

Is Odesk Worth Your Time as a Freelance Writer? In my experience, Odesk is one of the better places to find freelance writing jobs. I know a lot of people who got frustrated with the system and prevalence of low paying jobs. There are a lot of workers from countries with lower pay scales competing […]