Home Business Idea – Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shop From Home Here is a booming business in the offline world that may surprise you. Thrift shops are moving from the dusty places we used to sneak into to brightly lit stores, that are even getting franchised, that are so popular that even teens like them! If you are not familiar with the […]

Home Business Idea – Notary Public

Notary Public – Important Work with Quick Training I am always on the lookout for home business ideas that are fairly quick to train for, but which can be run as actual full or part time businesses. I just got a call from a friend who is a full time para-legal, but who runs a […]

Can You Claim a Home Office Deduction?

US Taxpayers and Home Office Deductions —– —–Stay updated or Participate – Register or Login to the Homeworker Forum! The Forum is here! To explore this topic, I went right to the source – The IRS. I have to admit that they do post some very user friendly articles on their website – irs.gov – […]