Make Money Blogging for Bloggers

How to Get Bloggers to Pay You to Blog With Free Exposure

laptopOur friends over at Writing Money highlighted one paid blogging opportunity that shouldn’t get overlooked by writers who are eager to develop their own clients and gain exposure for their own writing business. Trust us, maintaining an active blog can become more than a full-time job sometimes. That’s why many bloggers decide to manage their time better by inviting guest articles.

Do Blogs Pay Their Writers?

Even though many bloggers will just pay contributors with extra exposure, some offer paid blogging opportunities. Since there are millions of blogs in all manner of categories, there are bound to be some great ones to showcase your work on. It’s not that difficult to find popular blogs that both offer great exposure and money.

There are a couple of ways to uncover the right sources of blogging work:

  • You might try to build up your profile on social networking sites in order to connect with blog owners and editors.
  • Develop your Google search skills to find blogs in your own niche that offer to pay bloggers.
  • Start with this handy resource that has lists of high-paying blogs for writers.

How to Get Paid Posts Accepted

Typically, each site has their own rules. These might include topics, style, and average length of content. It’s always a good idea to review existing posts on a site to see what the editors or site owners are likely to include in their blog. You may be asked to submit a pitch to make sure that your topic fits with their own vision. In other cases, you might simply send an article along to find out if they will accept it.

How Much Do Blogs Pay?

While some blogs may not pay or not pay very much, they might offer valuable exposure. Readers may trace the links from your author bio back to your own writing site or social networking pages. Others actually pay pretty well, and there are sites that offer hundreds of dollars for one accepted article.

Very often, your initial acceptance with one of these sites can also lead to steady requests as the blog owner or editors get to know you and your work. Readers may also look for you to offer you jobs. Searching for blogs that offer to pay their writers can provide an awesome way to work from home, find direct writing clients, and get your name out there!