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Is Home Job Group For Real or a Scam?

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I do not normally promote paid services  that require a fee to help people find work at home jobs. But I am going to make an exception for a few reasons. As I have said before, you probably can find all of the inormation listed in this service for free, but it could take you weeks.

You Can’t do it All!

As a small business owner, I could do everything myself, but I often hire others because I can get more done that way. As a homeowner, I could mow my own lawn, but I don’t. As a parent, I could sew my kid’s clothes, but I buy them. What I am saying is that sometimes it pays to pay. Your own time may be better used elsewhere. Sometimes it is smart to pay for a professional service.

What Do People Say About Home Job Group?

I could not find any negative postings about this company, and on another website the users had rated it a B on an A – F scale, so I figured that for this industry that was about as good as it gets! Of course, I do provide comments and a forum here, and I would be happy to post my visitor comments too.

What Kinds of Home Jobs Are Listed?

  • Administrative and Clerical work – and I found a report of one client who got a simple job entering customer names into a database which paid her $250 a week. This isn’t a 6 figure salary, but it is simple unskilled work, and the user did not specify how many hours she worked a week. She seemed happy with it. Anyway, for many families, an extra $1,000 a month could really help pay some bills.
  • Customer Service, Appointment Setting,  Billing, Order Processing, and Transcription jobs were also listed. It looks like the more skills somebody brings to the table (as always), the better chance of finding a better paying opportunity. They promise listings of jobs that pay up to $10 an hour or more.
  • Photography, Writing, and Proofreading jobs seem to pay better. I am sure that some of these jobs may require experience or qualifications. But I also know people who have gotten into freelance writing, for instance, with little or no professional experience. There is a big demand for writers because webmasters, like me, always need content on a big variety of topics! So if you did well in high school English, and always wanted to write, you may find a job you’ll love here. In fact, freelance writing is one of the tasks I tend to outsource for my own business.
  • Website design and graphic design probably require some training or experience too. But of course when you look at the higher skilled jobs, they tend to pay better, even from home.

I am sure the list above isn’t all inclusive, but this should give you some idea about the types of positions you can find. Along with job postings, the website also offers placement assistance, an ebook on effective resume writing, paid survey listings, and some other goodies that may interest you.

If you are interested, review Home Job Group here for yourself!

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