Be A Blogger

Why Blog For Business?

I cannot tell you that blogging is your simple road to Internet fame and riches. Most successful bloggers worked very hard, and had to learn a lot, before their own efforts bore fruit.

However, a lot of people have found that blogging can provide them with a decent part time – or even full time – income. It can also help promote other businesses, provide a sounding board, and give you a good way to expand your online network.

Blog Free

Furthermore, many bloggers have started out on free blogging platforms like,, or the free version of typepad. All of these popular suggestions, and many more, come with free website/blog guilders that make publishing just abut as easy as sending an email or connecting on Facebook.

If your blog really starts to take off you may want to move up to paid hosting solutions because it will give you more control and present a more professional image. At that point, you can either more your whole site, or you can just begin a new site on paid hosting, and use the free blog as another site in your network.

Help For New Online Publishers

Online Magazine Makers has a lot of good tips about how to develop an interesting and attractive online presence. If you sign up for the free newsletter, you also get a helpful online publishing guide that can get you started for little or nothing.

You may wonder if publishing online is the same as blogging. Well, blogging is one time of online publishing. You can also find other types of sites to publish like online magazines, commercial websites, etc. These days, the lines are a lot more blurred, and many popular websites evolve to contain more than one type of electronic publication.For example, the Home Worker Forum, you are on right now, has elements of a blog and a forum. As your own efforts start to gain traction, you may choose to grow your site as well.

How Do Bloggers Profit?

Actually, there are dozens of revenue streams that a popular blog can take advantage of. One is affiliate marketing, which we have explained in an earlier post.



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