Dropshipping Business Opportunity For Home Business

Dropshipping as a Home Business Model

What is dropshipping?

You can find suppliers who will allow you to order products after you have sold them! You will pay more for these products, ordered one at a time, than you would if you purchased a bulk lot of them. But you should be able to find distributors who will still sell at wholesale prices so you can make a profit when you sell them retail. In return for making less profit, you do not have to store a large inventory, and you do not have to risk a large sum of money to buy products before you sell them.

Where to Sell Products?

Of course, EBay is a popular market for drop shippers. The large online auction website brings in traffic and provides a lot of tools for sellers to research markets. The downside is, of course, is that the market place is very competitive. Since you already know you will be paying a bit more than bulk buyers, you need to find products that are unique and in demand.

You can also build an ecommerce website that displays products you have dropshipping sources for. In fact, I would suggest combining EBay sales with a personal website. You can use the online auction website to bring in new customers, but mention your website for future orders when you communicate with buyers. This way you can avoid fees in the future, and maybe you can even offer a discount if customers make future purchases on your website. You can link to your website on the About Me Section of your Ebay advertisement, but are not allowed to link to it in the advertisement.

Where to Find Wholesale Dropship Suppliers?

Most of the lists you find are not very good. And many services that claim to offer products probably won’t offer prices that are low enough to allow you to profit in a competitive market. However, one service that provides a lot of valuable training and carefully researched list of dropship suppliers is WorldWideBrands. In fact, they are the only EBay certified dropshipping list. Membership is expensive, but if you are new to the business, I believe it is a good investment.

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This website has some great tips for people who are considering their own EBay Dropshipping Business.