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Writing Money

Writing Money Reviewed

Writing Money is the name of the website at WritingMoney.biz. That website has been around for awhile, and it provides reviews of some different ways to earn money writing online.  It is also the name of a new guide to getting paid for writing, and also other types of online content. At the site, you can browse reviews of other products, visit the forums, and add your own comments.

The actual e-book actually delivers a list of dozens of places that anybody can sign up to begin earning upfront fees and/or revenue sharing in return for articles and other types of online content. These are not sources of mega-millions, but they are places where a determined soul could begin to establish himself or herself as a paid writer.

If you want to skip the Writing Money Review here, you can just hop over the site’s page describing the guide to writing and publishing online for money. If you are extra impatient, I am sure that the authors would love to have you visit the Writing Money Sales Page. The book is sold, at this time, through JVZOO, and you can also apply to become an affiliate if you believe the information is something you would want to share with others.

Writing And Publishing Online For Money

The book actually covers 2 different things. In addition to covering online writing, and other content production, as a source of income, it also covers the simple steps needed to get an e-Magazine up and running. Having your own online publication is not needed in order to begin earning cash for words, but it can be a big asset. If you have your own site, you have a central page to publish samples of your work. You can, of course, also monetize your own publication in a number of different ways, including ads, product sales, affiliate programs, etc.

Is Writing Money A Good E-Book?

I think it actually does provide real value, and it is certainly not one of those online make money scams like so many others are. The author warns us that this is NOT a passive income or make money without working guide. She knows that most people who succeed online are willing to learn a few new things, put some work into it, and keep evolving. In my opinion, this is very true, and it is a good sign!

Writing Money Is Good For Clever Readers

In my opinion, an intelligent and creative reader will appreciate the information packed guide. There are indeed, dozens of resources given that can get you started on your writing or online publishing business right away, without investing a lot of money in it. On the other hand, if you want a step-by-step guide with a lot of words and pictures you could find in any online help system, this guide is not for you. In my opinion, guides that have this type of stuff are just using it as filler anyway.

People who need a paint-by-the numbers guide will probably not be the type to be able to run their own business anyway. The author assumes that her readers are bright enough to figure out simple things for themselves. I appreciate that. But this guide may be bad for people who like to be spoon fed.

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