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How To Attract Visitors (Traffic) to your Website For Free!

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So now you have built, or paid to build, this great website. I will surely help your business. Your new website is a marvel to behold, and you only have one problem with it. Nobody is visiting it. You see, the problem is that while your website may be the best one ever, there are lots of other online marketers competing for traffic. Out of the millions of websites, and maybe thousands about your website topic, how can you get people to visit you.

Where Do Internet Visitors Come From?

Search Engines – For most of us, the bulk of our visitors come from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These people enter search terms and see a list of topical websites returned to them. But for many swearch terms there are thousands of pages that come back, and it is very important to be on the first page of results. How many times do you bother to go to the send page of results, and do you ever go past that?

Search engine results can either be free or paid (sponsored results). The things that a webmaster does to get natural (free) traffic are called SEO (search engine optimization), which paid traffic usually comes from PPC (pay per click) programs. So research on those topics should be at the top of your to-do list if you want the search engines to send you visitors!

Other Websites – Do not discount the value of visitors who come from other websites either. There are some free ways to get your link listed so it can, hopefully, attract some traffic. Let me list some of the easiest way to spread some link love around the net!

  • Forums and Blog Comments. Find internet forums and blogs on topics that are related to your niche. Make helpful posts and comments and figure out how to drop a link back to your own website there. This can be time consuming, but once you find some good places to participate, it should pay off. Always follow the rules, avoid looking like a spammer, and try to build your credibility.
  • Social Websites – Both social neworking websites, like Facebook, ad social bookmarking websites (i.e. DIGG) can be great places for you to find visitors.
  • Article Directories – I am a big fan of article directories. If accepted, your article will be posted on the directory, plus it will probably also be picked up by other websites who are looking for content. You will be alllowed to have a resource box which can be a plug and a link for your own websites.  A free article directory example is A paid service which I like is Submit Your Article. This service will distribute your article to dozens of other websites, and will even allow you to create unique articles from one “seed” article in a very simple way.  Provide interesting information in your articles, and don’t just write a sales pitch. If you can do that, interested readers will follow your link through to your own website and some will be warmed up to buy!
  • Offline Marketing – You can also attract visitors with offline marketing. Include a link on your business card or stationary. If you have a budget, try the radio or local tv spots. I have seen people with signs on their cars. Your ability to advertise offline will only be limited by your creativity.
  • Email Signatures – Almost every email system allows you to add a signature to the bottom of your email posts. Add a link and short plug for your website. Why not bring in people who are already communicating with you?

Paid Link Building Services – If your business already generates income, you may do well to pay for some link building. A service I have used is Compbizz Link Building. These people are very good at what they do, have affordable package rates, and have been reliable 100% of the time for me!

This list of ideas is not meant to be all inclusive or detailed. But it should you give you the basics to learn more about generating free internet traffic the way the pros do. Now that you have a starting point, it is up to you to test and research these ideas.

We’d sure like to hear more of your ideas about internet marketing too! Feel free to register and comment here.


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