How to Start Internet Marketing – The Real Google Profits Plan

Would You Like to Make Some Money on the Internet?

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Lots of people would love to try to make some extra money online, but have no idea how to get started. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to profit from a website is to simply use a couple of Google Products that actually are associated with the big G (Major Search Engine), and not any so-called Google Biz Kit, Google Profits, etc. This is one of he easiest and cheapest ways to get started by making money blogging online.

You can get started today, and you can get started for free.

Adsense and Blogger

Adsense– The Google pay per click (PPC) program. You need an adsense account. From this account you can set up your payment information, and you will get paid every month as long as your balance is at least $100. You can also select scripts, which are little pieces of codes that you cut an paste on a website (blogger makes this even eaiser). You can pick a variety of advertising formats and sizes to fit your website.

The Adsense script will detect what your website is about, and will display context sensitive ads on your pages. This is what you want because visitors who are interested in the topic of your page will be most likely to be interested in related ads.
Blogger– This is Google’s free blogging platform. You can register for free, and start a blog in a few minutes by clicking through the easy set up options. Because this platform is also run by Google, Adsense is integrated with it. They make it as easy as possible to start displaying Adsense ads on blogs!

How to Get Started

  • Decide what you want your blog to be about. I would always advise a newbie to start with a topic that is already interesting to them. Everybody has some intereests and expertise. Think about your work, hobbies, interests, and experiences. If you would like to discuss current events, cooking, ancient crossbows,  or your favorite local restaurants, you can find plenty of people with similar interests on the world wide web! And if you choose an interest of yours, it will be easier to produce articles for your blog.
  • Register your blog with You just need to go through the steps, and it is really easy. The system also has plenty of help pages and support. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. The great thing about computers is that nothing is set in stone, and almost anything can be fixed later. Besides, if you do not like what you created, you can always create another one. Blogger allows you to run multiple blogs with one account.
  • Add a few pages of content to your blog. Introduce yourself and cover some basics with your starter articles. Again, do not agonize over this. You can always go back and edit your articles, delete them, and add new ones.
  • After your blog has a few pages, register for an Adsense account. This is also free for you to join. They will want you to list your blog as your first website, and approval may take a few days. Adsense is here:
  • Once you have an adsense account, you will return to blogger with your publisher ID and set it up so you can start displaying ads. There should be an option in the layout or template to place your ads.

How Much Money Can You Make with Blogger

You probably will not make a lot of money at first. Adsense pays you per visitor click, and the amount varies by ads. Many ads only pay a few cents, but I have had a few ads that paid several dollars (this is rare) for one click! The key now is to promote your blog so you have visitors who are interested in the content of your blog, and who will be likely to visit your ads.

There are many beginning bloggers who need a few months to get to that first $100 payment, and some who make a few hundred dollars the first month.  It takes visitors to make money, so the beter your strategy for this works, the more money you are likely to make. It takes most of us several weeks to start attracting traffic to a new blog or website.

Some topics just pay better than others too, but I would wait until you are more advanced to worry about that.

And finally, many popular websites, which have been going for awhile make thousands of dollars a month. Most webmasters and bloggers, though, work up to a good income when they have built a network of several blogs and websites, worked hard to make them useful and popular, and they took the time to educate themselves about the internet marketing business. That can take months or years.

Attracting internet traffic (Website Visiors) is beyond the scope of this article, but you can find plenty of advice on that here, and on other webmasters websites and forums. You could start by sticking your blog name in your email signature, putting it on your social neworking sites (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.), telling your friends. As you get going, you will want to expand your efforts though, and that will take more learnin’.

NEVER CLICK YOUR OWN ADS! You will not get in trouble if this happens once in a blue moon, but you will get in trouble if you do it a lot. Google knows the computer (IP address) location that you registered with, and they will cancel your account if they find a lot of advertising clicking going on from that location.

Can you Really Make Money with Adsense?

Some internet marketers will criticize this article because they do not believe that Google Adsense is the most profitable system. I have a couple of replies to that.

  • Adsense may not be the best way to make the most money for an experienced internet marketer, but I have always found that it is the easiest way for a newbie to get started making some money.
  • Some very popular websites – like – bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars with Adsense. Of course the websites have grown to have lots of content and lots of visitors. That did not happen in a day, but it happens now!

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