Sell Crafts Online

The Best Place to Sell Crafts Online?

Are you crafty? Do you know that more and more people are actually making a good living out of selling their crafts online? A new online marketplace,, has provided artisans with a 24/7 online craft fair for their work!

The mission of this website is to help people who make things by hand also make a living. They hope to connect, or reconnect, buyers and sellers! Most of the crafts people are in the USA, but they are distributed throughout the 150 countries.

What do people make by hand to sell on Etsy?

Well, they have dozens of categories from Accessories to Woodworking, and just about everything in between. Some of the featured items the day I wrote this include photography, jewelry, and furniture. If you have a passion for making things, you can probably find a place to sell it on Etsy!

Can You Make Money on Etsy?

Well, some sellers have exploded their business. Others make a handful of sales. The website, itself, can help you promote your goods, but you probably also need to promote it through other websites, word of mouth, press releases, etc. to really get your own Etsy Store to take off. You can find some Etsy Success Stories for inspiration.

We’d love to hear some Etsy sucess stories here! Just register for free to comment!


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