Writing For The Web Basics

Do You Write Well For The Web?

Writing Well For The Web

Writing for the Internet is not exactly the same as writing for hard copy. Books, newspapers, and magazines all have different formats. So do web pages. For one thing, Internet users have extremely short attention spans. This is very important to convince visitors, in seconds, that your website is one they want to focus on.

Make Your Words Easy To Skim

After you capture your visitors attention, they may still only want to devote a couple of minutes to your actual message. That is why many popular sites use a format that is very easy for page skimmers to digest. You will probably see these popular websites making a very generous use of formatting devices like short paragraphs, bold headings, and bullet points.

How To You Present Detailed Information?

One effective tactic to use, when you have a lot to say, is to simply direct the reader to a second page. Better yet, get them to sign up for your newsletter! Yes, the art of effective Internet writing may be similar to the art of the tease. Who said it wasn’t?


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Hopefully, this article on writing for the web, and our resources, can help you publish good web writing!