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Thrift Shop From Home

Here is a booming business in the offline world that may surprise you. Thrift shops are moving from the dusty places we used to sneak into to brightly lit stores, that are even getting franchised, that are so popular that even teens like them! If you are not familiar with the new wave in second hand shops, you may want to read this: Thrift Shops Are In!

How Can Second Hand Shopping Be A Good Home Business?

Look, the simplest form of this is hardly new. I used to know a couple of people who woud snatch up great deals at garage sales, and then hold their own garage sales with markups to earn money! They had learned what sorts of things peope who shopped garage sales wanted to buy, and had learned how to find them fast at other sales. This was a simple form of on the street arbitrage!

But I am not suggesting you do this. I am suggesting that this is a great idea of an ecommerce website or even EBay store.

Lower Profit Margins Still Equal More Profit

In an upscale used clothing store, for example, they may sell gently used brand name clothes for about 1/3 of the retail price. In return, they will buy those items for 1/3 to 1/2 of that. Those stores have a lot of overhead like rent, utilities, and employees. You, on the other hand, have less overhead if you do this from home on the internet!

So where they may pay $8 for a $60 pair of Abercrombie jeans (that has been gently worn), and then retail it for $20. You may be able to profit by paying a bit more and selling for a bit less. Just remember you will have to recoup shipping charges most of the time. So you could pay $10, and sell for $15 with a $3 shipping charge. You are still coming in for less, and paying more. You can probably operate at a lower profit margin than a big brick and mortar store can!

Consider a Second Hand Online Business!


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