Unemployed College Graduates Make Money from Home

Are you an Unemployed College Graduate who Needs Money?

I was browsing some social bookmarking websites, like Digg, and noticed that articles about unemployed college grads are getting a lot of buzz (diggs). Actually this story is not new, but seems to appear during every economic downturn.

College graduates leave school, some with a lot of debt, and then they cannot seem to find anybody to hire them because they lack experience. And how can they get experience to make them more competitive in a tight market when they cannot find that first real job?

Should the Law School Graduate Mow Lawns?

I even saw a post where the man had his JD (law degree), and he could not find work so went back to take post-doctoral work, probably so he could stave off paybacks on loans. But with all of this guys education and honors, he still wailed about the state of the economy.

Heck, the guy who mowed my lawn was displaced from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. He borrowed a lawn mower and a truck and started knockig on dooors, and now he has a business, employees, and also a shiny new truck and lawn tools.  He probably makes more money now than lots of lawyers do.

Am I suggesting that the JD should mow lawns? Well not really, though that is an honorable and legal way to make a living. What I am suggesting is that this guy does not need a six figure job at a fancy law office to be a lawyer. In fact, I know several lawyers who are very happy to run modest law firms from their kitchen tables.

I am sure that there must be some lawyer-type work this guy could do which does not take a lot of experience, like helping people with business forms, etc. I also read the demand for para-legals is very high right now, and that includes a lot of freelance paralegal work. Maybe this guy should try to take that on, get a good reputation, and then network himself into a real lawyer job.

How Does that Apply to Other Unemployed College Graduates?

OK, so you are reading this and you do not have a law degree. You just completed a 4 year college or university, and your degree is in English or Government, etc., and you need a job without any real skills to hang up a shingle, or so you think.

But you do have have skills or you could not have completed your education. Can you tutor middle school students, do freelance writing, or find work with a non-profit agency? If you are enterprising, maybe you could self-publish a book, start a blog, or become active in an online or offline community that interests you. All I am saying here is that activity generates results, and the lack of activity does not.

I have brought in some of my best clients and projects because I was involved in community service, busy promoting ideas, or chasing a wild goose. It sounds like a cliche, but you may need to think outside the box, decide that you will have to generate your own first job rather than be hired for it, and approach your problem sideways.

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