Is Odesk Worth It?

Make Odesk Pay

Is Odesk Worth Your Time as a Freelance Writer? In my experience, Odesk is one of the better places to find freelance writing jobs. I know a lot of people who got frustrated with the system and prevalence of low paying jobs. There are a lot of workers from countries with lower pay scales competing […]

Writing For The Web Basics

Writing Well For The Web

Do You Write Well For The Web? Writing for the Internet is not exactly the same as writing for hard copy. Books, newspapers, and magazines all have different formats. So do web pages. For one thing, Internet users have extremely short attention spans. This is very important to convince visitors, in seconds, that your website […]

Be A Blogger


Why Blog For Business? I cannot tell you that blogging is your simple road to Internet fame and riches. Most successful bloggers worked very hard, and had to learn a lot, before their own efforts bore fruit. However, a lot of people have found that blogging can provide them with a decent part time – […]