Is TextBroker Worth Your Time

Tips to Make More Money on TextBroker

Tips to Make More Money on TextBroker

Textbroker is probably the largest and most famous content site for U.S. writers. As large and well-managed company, you can assume that they make payouts of time. They also usually do have work, especially for writers who are level 4 and above.

Levels at Textbroker work like this:

  • Almost all writers start out at level 3.
  • After completing five articles, authors can ask for a review and hope for a promotion to level 4.
  • Level 4 writers can attempt to pass the proofreading test and ask for consideration for a promotion to level 5.
  • Passing the proofreading test does not guarantee a promotion.

The open order pool is where new writers start working, and the rates are pretty dismal. Level 3 is around a penny a word and level 4 is not even 1.5. A level 5 promotion only pays 5 cents a work on open orders. But that does not tell the whole story of how much some writers make in TextBroker.  The two other features of TextBroker are teams and direct orders.

TextBroker has teams, and these are different too:

  • Typical teams pay somewhat more than the open order rate.
  • Exclusive teams, by invite only, may also pay more than the open order rate, and grabbing work is usually less competitive.
  • Expert terms can pay a lot more than the open order rates, but authors need specific credentials (like different types of industry experience) to apply to these teams.

TB Authors can set their own rate for direct orders

Authors who are good at courting business may pick up their own clients. These clients might enjoy having a reliable and prompt author they have found by requesting orders on the open order pool. Alternatively, clients can look through author profiles and find authors who have a particular style and experience they need. The good thing for authors is that they are allowed to set their own rate for direct orders. Most authors double or triple their own rate, and some are very good at finding clients who are willing to pay it.

Tips to Attract More High-Paying Teams and Direct Orders at TextBroker

The best thing you can do to attract more invitations to teams and direct orders on TextBroker is to find some articles on the open order pool that you know you can write very well. After getting these articles accepted by the client, send along a polite message thanking the clients for the work and mentioning that you are available for direct orders. You can’t expect this to work every time, but many authors have built up a nice list of clients this way. Communication, selecting the write orders, and doing a good job are keys to working your way up and making more money at TextBroker.

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