Freelance Writing – You Can Ge Paid to Write!

Freelance or Contract Writing

If you are looking for an “at home job“, do not overlook freelance work. Even though a contract job will not have benefits, you can make good money, find lots of clients, and keep a flexible schedule. Freelancing is not for everybody. But many freelancers I know started out doing it to tide them over between jobs, and then decided they loved the lifestyle and turned it into their full time business.

Who Wants to Write? Almost everybody I know has dreamed about writing in one form or another. And freelance writing can be very satisfying, as well as lucrative. In fact, one freelancer I know said she had joined writers groups because she dreamed of writing a book one day. As with many budding authors, the book never got written or published, but she still is happy to have found a way to get paid for writing!

How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

It really isn't that hard to find this type of work at all, and even though many jobs are declining, the demand for freelance writers is actually increasing! Why? Internet sites need content, and many webmasters pay for articles. Also, as companies cut back on employees, they still need work done, and so they look for freelancers.

Freelancer Job Boards – These are quite popular all over the internet. You can find general job boards, and you can find job listings and websites that are devoted to freelance writers.

Webmaster Forums and Websites – Most websites that provide webmaster communities, like webmaster forums, will have a help wanted/jobs wanted section. You can find that section and post your services there, being careful to follow any set guidelines. You may want to offer a special price to the first couple of people who take advantage of your service in order to get a good reputation and attract new business.  Some people have built a steady stream of business from webmaster communities, and others have actually gotten hired for full time jobs.

Writing Contents – You can also find writing contests that you can enter for publicity and cash prizes.

Start your ow blog or website – We have already discussed the advantages of having your own website. You can profit from it with sponsor ads. Or you can use it to showcase your work and the services you offer. Even if you look for work in other places, it helps to have a website for potential clients to review. If you do not have a lot of previous experience, your website or blog can be your online resume too.

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