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There seems to be a demand for a series of suggestions for actual “jobs” that can be done from home, rather than home business opportunities. We are great fans of home business, no mistake! But being a home based business owner is not for everybody, and we understand that many people prefer the structure of an actual job from an employer who offers a set pay rate for the job that is done.

Alpine Access Work At Home Customer Service

One employer that has been noted a lot is Alpine Access Work From Home. Note that we are not affiliated with that company in any way. They do appear to fit the criteria for a legitimate work at home job provider, in that they do post requirements for employees, take job applications, etc. They want to recruit serious people who really want to work at job duties just as if they were in a real office, but just want to be able to do it from a home office.

Posted Job Requirements

Current opportunities require English speaking applicants, and some bilingual positions that include English are in particular demand. They also require some basic computer skills, like being able to use common word processing software. They also require a year of customer support experience, and applicants need to have some equipment like a phone and a computer with a high speed internet connection. Furthermore, this company expects their recruits to have a quiet “office-like” environment to work in. They do not want children crying or dogs barking in the background.

Perks, Pay, and Benefits

These are actuall work at home employee positions, and are not contract work. The company does provide training, which is done online, also from home. They also have full or part-time positions, but mention that most shifts could include some week-end work. Posted benefits include health and retiremen plans, and the opportunity to advance.

If you are serious about finding a work-at-home position, and are also serious about working, this may be a good company to check out.

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