Stay At Home Moms Resume Writing Tips

Do you Need to Re-enter the Job Force After Being A Stay At Home Mom?

Experts in the field say moms reentering workforce are becoming more recognized as the hidden pool of talent they are, so don’t apologize for the gap. You have certainly developed plenty of marketable skills to add to a resume during the time you spent raising kids and managing your home. You can probably entertain kids, manage a home budget, keep a house organized, and get dinner on the table. Doing one of those things takes skills, but doing everything is pretty incredible!

Cover Letters and Resumes For Re-entering the Workforce

Begin with a strong cover letter and the decision makers name in the salutation and talk about how you can benefit the company. According to Barbara Corcoron a successful businesswoman (The Corcoran Group a $5 billion business) employers form their initial opinion from the cover letter.

  • She advises you emphasize how the skills you learned as full-time administrator of you household – time management, budget management and volunteering will translate to workplace skills. If you organized an event you can write about it in terms of skills used – staff management, marketing, budgeting etc.
  • Don’t go with the chronological resume, use a summary of your skill sets you have acquired as stay at home mom. Barbara strongly advises no silly titles for yourself (ex. domestic goddess).
  • End your resume with a short chronological section outlining your education, places, and dates of employment, and job titles. Also, add a sentence about what you’ve done while you have been out of the workforce. Example – 2001 to present: Full-time homemaker, PTO Treasurer, community volunteer.

Corcoron says by the time your prospective employer is done reading your resume they will be so impressed with your skill set and accomplishments, the employment gap won’t matter.

East Yourself Back into the Working World with Freelancing

If you find that your applications are getting rejected because you cannot demonstrate recent work experience, you may ease yourself back into the working world with some freelance work. Sites like Odesk even have a variety of freelance jobs you can do at home. These freelance jobs include writing, technical, and artistic, and graphical jobs. You are bound to find some jobs you can do! Once you have begun working on a freelance job, you will have actual recent work experience to add to your resume.

Connect or Blog For Setting Up an Online Resume

Another mark in your favor might be your ability to connect on social networks. Sites like LinkedIn are good places to network with your past coworkers or potential new hiring managers.The site can be pretty overwhelming at first, so just take some time to set up your profile and find some interesting groups to join. LinkedIn has a system for setting up a resume online, and they also have a jobs board that is free to use.

You might also consider blogging as a way to show off your skills and personality. Here are some ways you can be a blogger very quickly. Your own website can function as a super-resume and also help you connect with other people.Some people even turn blogging into a full or part-time job.


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