What Are the Best Paying Work at Home Jobs?

Which Work at Home Jobs Pay the Most?

Real Jobs with a High Income from Home

High Paying Work at Home Jobs

Some people settle into work at home jobs because they want the convenience of having a home office, need flexibility to care for children or elderly folks, or simply like to work alone. However, some of you ambitious folks are probably searching for the best paying work at home jobs, so you can truly make a financial contribution as well as enjoy a little less stress from a morning commute.

Many home workers are willing to trade a lower income and fewer benefits for the pleasure of working from home, but the best paying work at home jobs can rival or even exceed average salaries earned by office workers. If you are still looking for a new opportunity, don’t forget to consider these options. After all, it will take you the same amount of time to work at home as it will to work in an office or retail establishment, so there is no good reason not to make the most of it!

The Best Paying Work at Home Jobs

The really high paying work at home jobs tend to require some sort of professional credentials. Some require formal educations, but some can be performed because of a certification or even experience in the School of Hard Knocks.

  • Medical, Legal, and Financial Professionals: Doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents are discovering ways to work out of home offices.
  • Technical people: Of course, IT broke new ground for telecommuting opportunities as this profession made it possible for many other people to work at home.
  • Creatives: Writers, artists, designers, and marketing professionals are thriving today in their home offices.
  • Teachers: The popularity of online education and tutoring has created a boom for teachers who would rather manage their students over the Internet.

So, you don’t believe that doctors can work at home? According to an article in Forbe’s Magazine about the best paying work at home jobs, doctors and radiologists can find opportunities reviewing patient cases. They say that this can easily turn into a six-figure job opportunity.

The health or “telehealth” field has also opened up opportunities for nurses to handle patient questions and do phone triage from a home phone, and medical transcriptionists can also find companies willing to let them work from a home office.

Not all High Paying Work at Home Jobs Require Extensive Training or Experience

The reality is that good credentials help everybody advance, but there are jobs that you can get with short certification programs or the willingness to learn as you earn. For example, some content sites are willing to hire writers with the willingness to improve their grammar and craft. Online bookkeeping certification and software training may only take a few weeks. In most states, an insurance license only requires a short training class and a test.

Some job opportunities for home customer service, sales, or virtual assistant jobs come with training providing and no experience required.  Alpine Access is one example of a company that hires home customer service agents and even offers them the chance to advance. This may not be the upper end of the income scale, but it is possible to start here with a base salary and sometimes even extra benefits.

Work at Home Jobs Have Gone Mainstream

Saying that you work at home is no longer a polite way to say you do not generate any income or have a “real job.” Just because you want to work at home does not mean that you need to accept a low income or limited opportunities.

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