General Tips to Avoid Work At Home Scams

Find A Home Based Job, But Avoid Scams

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Again, there legitimate home based jobs. And you can find some that pay salaries or pay by the hour. Some may even have benefits,  but many will not. We are working on a list to post (and hopefully keep updated with your help)! But wolves seem to crawl out of the wood work with deceptive ads that prey upon desperate people. The Christian Sciece Monitor published some tips to help you protect yourself.

  • Work At Home screams at you from the headline without much other information. This is typical bait.
  • They do not ask for any resume or skills. A real job position will certainly post some requirements.
  • They want money for information. A real job doesn’t ask you to pay them to sign up.
  • The money you can earn looks a bit too good to be true. It is doubtful that most homeworkers, unless they have some specific skills, can start off making “$65 and hour” or “$7,000 a week”. Now some high tech workers may make money like this, but isn’t this the same ad that said you didn’t need skills?
  • The ad doesn’t really include a job description. A real job posting will be pretty dry and specific about the requirements. If the job description is missing or evasive, be very wary.
  • The ad includes pictures of people on a beach, driving expensive cars, or living the good life, you can be sure that this is not a work a home job. At best it may be a business opportunity, and at worst it is one of the work at home business scams that we have outlined in other posts!

Again, we plan to start a list of places we believe are legitimate. It takes some time for us to research this. We hope that others will comment and add to our list, so we can begin to build a great resource. In the meantime, why don’t you do some of your own research.

Here’s Your Home Work! 🙂

Some simple internet searches for “salared work at home jobs”, “legitimate home jobs”, etc. are bound to give you plenty of information, and probably some examples of real job posts and work at home scams.

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