Top Work At Home Scam That Tries to Make You a Scammer!

What Scam Tries to Recruit Scammers?

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Actually this particular work at home scam comes in dozens of forms, but you need to recognize it before you waste your hard earned money or, worse yet, succumb to the lure of scamming yourself. And though the internet has spread this around a lot, it is probably as old as printed medium. Heck, sleazy cavemen were probably chipping it out on stones.

Getting Paid To…..

Think about ads you have seen in magazines that promise you can get paid to type or stuff envelopes. On the internet, the hook may be a promise of making big money by sending emails or by turning your home computer into a 24/7 cash generating machine.

Now don’t get me wrong. I make my living online, and I’m not alone. However there is a big difference between getting paid for promoting legitimate products and services than by trying to make a dime by taking advantage of desperate people.

In fact, one popular e-book on the subject is titled – For Desperate Buyers Only! Can you imagine. Not only do people profit from taking advantage of poor or disabled people who need extra income, some of them profit from teaching other people how to do it!

So What is the Scam that Churns out Scammers?

Well all of the examples above probably have one thing in common. There is no company that wants to hire people to stuff envelopes, type letters, send emails, etc. What these marketers will do is send you instructions for creating your own advertisement along the same lines, and then send it out to anybody that you can sucker into it.

I have seen these ads on the internet, but I have also seen full page glossy pages in magazines that were devoted to the same thing. You really can start a home business, and if you stick around here, I hope you get some motivation and ideas. But please beware of work at home scams.


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